ZeN deals with Information Technology security controls and confidential documents and also conduct investigation mandates for fraud in the business world. From safety information to obtaining information, there is only one step. The firm has often served as a subcontractor for the US,  French and Canadian Intelligence offices.

The name comes from the two partners, Frank Zavour and Myriam Nelligan. First founded in Boston in the U.S., the firm has offices in Washington, Montreal in Quebec and Paris in France.

Myriam Nelligan

I was a journalist specialized in international economy particularly in the energy industry for 20 years for one of the largest newspaper in Washington before joining the firm ZeN. I’m American and I manage the office of Washington and Montreal.

I was married shortly to Jimmy Roscoe before he made his coming out.  Now, he heads the U.S. Subcommittee on Energy and Economy. We remained good friends. We had one girl who had the unfortunate idea to take the flight on September 11, 2001 that crashed in a Pennsylvania field.

Frank Zavour

I worked as a freelance for the CIA  acquiring intelligence for several years while setting up the firm ZeN. I read my horoscope every day. In the early forties, I was due for a change. I then decided to move to Paris and opened a branch of ZeN.

I’m learning French cuisine but I have great difficulty with their metric measurement system.


My name is Barbara Jupiter. But everyone calls me Mars. Yes I know it’s not really a name, it’s my alias on the Internet.  I chose it because my aunt who raised me regularly wondering from what planet I came from to be so different from the other girls of my age. I answered that I was from Mars.

For some unfortunate event that happened to me several years ago, I became convinced that when my time will arrive to join the afterlife, I will feel it and this feeling gives me a comfort I was looking for. I was born in the tiny village of Alert.  The closest inhabited region to the North Pole.  It is surely this that defined my personality. Cold and reclused. I don’t remember anything from there, I only stayed there few days.

I am an expert in finding information or a hacker, it depends.  I am working for the firm ZeN.

Shaozu Zhou

I am the son of the Minister of Energy of the Republic of China and I work at the ministry for my father.

However this work has no interest for me. Me, it’s the computer that turns me on but my father does not want to listen.

Jinsong Zhou

I am the Minister of Energy of China and member of the secret group called Pyka.

Pavel Vostinov

My role in the government has never been clearly defined. I am a kind of advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on issues related to energy. Everyone knows I have a lot of influence. I have the ears of the president. I am feared and respected. I went to the same college as the current president. I am responsible for the cleaning of the corrupt leaders of  petrogaz companies who care more for their personal wealth as the development of their country. That’s the reason why I intervened to abort a transaction with a major U.S. Oil company.

I am the chief of the Pyka group. Pyka means hand in Russian.


I am from Venezuela and I am a member of the Pyka group.

Félix De l’Épée

I am French and I work at the French General Direction of the External Affairs. I am a great friend of Frank Zavour.